Heater Fire/Carbon Monoxide Risk at Residential Pool

Heater Install 1

My client forwarded me photos of the pool equipment at prospective new account.  Notice that the heater is installed under a wooden deck and only three feet from a bedroom window.  There is no stack, allowing carbon monoxide to freely waft into the house through the nearby bedroom window.


Heater Install 2Here is the same equipment viewed from the outside.  Yes, that is a wood deck over the heater!

This installation presents both a fire hazard and serious risk of carbon monoxide poisoning that was apparently ignored by the installer, pool tech and homeowner.  Fortunately, my client, a chapter president of the Independent Pool & Spa Service Association (IPSSA) recognized the risk and is taking steps to correct the fire and CO risk.



    • Ray Arouesty

      When the pool tech discovered the risk of fire and CO risk he disabled the heater and notified the customer both verbally and in writing of the danger. He advised me that he will not service this pool unless the safety issues are resovled.

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