Cracked Pool = Big Risk

My pool service technician client called concerned about taking on a new service account that has some problems. The plaster and tile are in very bad condition and the pool has many cracks. He is not sure if it is leaking. He is wondering whether he can  just have the … Continue reading →

Considering Pool Inspections?

Head ScratcherMy client was considering taking a job to inspect a large commercial pool and forwarded me the insurance requirements provided by the property manager.  Imagine his surprise when I told him that general liability policies don’t provide proper coverage for inspections and that he would need to purchase a separate … Continue reading →

Should Pool Techs Sell Diving Boards?

diving board

I often warn pool & spa service technicians of the high risk involved in installing or replacing diving boards.  There are no small diving board related claims and the possibility of a major injury lawsuit doesn’t justify the relatively small profit involved in replacing boards.  But what about merely selling … Continue reading →

When the Customer Complains About Sanitizer

rashA pool tech services a pool where the tenant has a chlorine sensitivity. The tenant insists as little chlorine possible in the pool and the pool tech maintains a 0.5 PPM chlorine residual but the tenant is still complaining.  He has discussed alternate sanitizers and has explained that bromine would … Continue reading →

Would You Take This Job?

A pool tech has been asked to clean and re-fill an empty fiberglass pool.  The pool has been empty for a few years and has three feet of dirt in the bottom.  The walls are slightly bulging and because of the accumulated dirt, it’s unknown whether the bottom is bulging … Continue reading →

Trusting the sanitizer

Swimmers in China enjoying themselves at a public pool in Nanjing, the capital of the Jiangsu Province as tempertures reach as high as 104 degrees.
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