We Have a New Address and a New Name

In September, Arrow Insurance Service joined HUB International Insurance Services.  HUB is the world’s ninth largest insurance broker with over 7,000 employees and doing business in the United States, Canada and Latin America.  Our partnership with HUB will provide us with new insurance markets, programs and the clout that comes … Continue reading →

Do You Use and Carry a Carbon Monoxide Meter?

Carbon Monoxide 2Swimming pool heaters are commonly installed in equipment rooms at apartment houses, condominiums and hotels and code requirements provide that these indoor heaters be vented outside the room.  An obstructed vent could lead to a hazardous level of carbon monoxide that could put the lives of the building occupants at … Continue reading →

Phone Lines Down – Frustration Level Up

frustrationYesterday was April 1, 2015, April Fools Day.  My April Fools joke started when the staff at Arrow Insurance Service realized that our 10 incoming telephone lines weren’t working.  Callers hear a ring tone but nothing happens at our office.  The calls never even go to voice mail.  The problem … Continue reading →

Rains increase the likelihood of popped pools

muddy poolWe’ve had some much needed rain lately in Southern California.  Unfortunately, last year’s wildfires left hillsides barren with mudslides closing roads and creating significant damage to many homes.  The owner of one mud-damaged home called my insured today and asked him to drain and remove 3 feet of mud from … Continue reading →

A Service Log – Your Best Defense

logThe most important part of a pool tech’s job is maintaining safe and clean water, free of the bacteria and protozoa that can cause illness.  Unfortunately, the pool service technician is often the first person blamed when a swimmer gets sick, despite the fact that various sources of contamination could … Continue reading →