Residents Objecting to Safety Precautions at Pool


My client is having a problem with the residents of a commercial pool account, who complain about everything he does including padlocking the gate when he drains the pool.  They insist on having keys to the equipment room and he’s concerned about someone getting hurt around the equipment.  The property … Continue reading →

We Have a New Address and a New Name

In September, Arrow Insurance Service joined HUB International Insurance Services.  HUB is the world’s ninth largest insurance broker with over 7,000 employees and doing business in the United States, Canada and Latin America.  Our partnership with HUB will provide us with new insurance markets, programs and the clout that comes … Continue reading →

Do You Use and Carry a Carbon Monoxide Meter?

Carbon Monoxide 2Swimming pool heaters are commonly installed in equipment rooms at apartment houses, condominiums and hotels and code requirements provide that these indoor heaters be vented outside the room.  An obstructed vent could lead to a hazardous level of carbon monoxide that could put the lives of the building occupants at … Continue reading →

Pump Clamp Breaks – But Why?

Pump Clamp - BrokenThis photo shows a broken stainless steel clamp on a Sta-Rite Max-E Glas pump that resulted in major water damage to an equipment room.  I’ve been told that Sta-Rite has been using clamps like this for a long time, therefore it is possible that this clamp is quite old.  But … Continue reading →

Is This How To Fix Broken A PVC Union?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe photo on the left shows the condition of a union when my client was called to the pool.  The photo on the right shows the same union after my client “repaired” the problem.  The union failed about one year later causing extensive water damage to the customer’s home.  My … Continue reading →

Use the Correct Parts For Goodness Sakes

toilet-ballcock-assemblyI recommend that pool techs avoid adding water to swimming pools whenever possible.  It is too easy to forget to close the hose bib, overfill the pool and flood the customer’s home.  Sometimes, though, a pool tech needs to add water when the water level is below the skimmer and … Continue reading →

Tabs in the Skimmer?

I was in Costco yesterday and noticed 40 lb. containers of Clorox brand chlorinating tablets.  As I examined the container I noticed that the 3″ tabs contain 94.05% tri-chloro-s-triazinetrione and application is recommended via a floater or skimmer (see below).  Pool techs avoid placing tri-chlor tabs in the simmer because … Continue reading →