Pool Corp Class Action Info


Information and claim forms are now regarding settlement of the class action lawsuit involving Pool Corporation, Hayward Industries Inc., Zodiac Pool Systems Inc., and Pentair Water, Pools and Spas, Inc.

Plaintiffs alleged that the defendants conspired to violate certain state antitrust, unfair competition and consumer protection laws resulting in artificially … Continue reading →

Considering Pool Inspections?

Head ScratcherMy client was considering taking a job to inspect a large commercial pool and forwarded me the insurance requirements provided by the property manager.  Imagine his surprise when I told him that general liability policies don’t provide proper coverage for inspections and that he would need to purchase a separate … Continue reading →

Broken Gate – What do I do?

Pool gateIt’s the question I’m asked most often – The gate at my customer’s pool is broken and the customer refuses to fix it.  What do I do?

It is a difficult situation, especially when your customer is a property management company that provides you with a lot of work and … Continue reading →

The 12 Questions Every Pool Tech Should Ask Before Buying Insurance Through An Association

imagesCAVLUWN0Let’s face it, commercial general liability insurance is confusing.  But unlike automobile or homeowners insurance, which are all relatively similar, there are vast differenced between commercial general liability polices that could have dramatic financial consequences.  Most polices written for pool techs, for example, contain a “pollution exclusion”.  This means that … Continue reading →