Residents Objecting to Safety Precautions at Pool


My client is having a problem with the residents of a commercial pool account, who complain about everything he does including padlocking the gate when he drains the pool.  They insist on having keys to the equipment room and he’s concerned about someone getting hurt around the equipment.  The property manager seems intimidated by the residents and is asking him for written proof that these safety precautions are legally required.  He really doesn’t want to lose the account, but he doesn’t want to be responsible if someone gets hurt.

No one ever said pool service was easy and the pool tech is in a tough situation.  I recommend that he presents the property manager an updated service agreement that includes the services and the monthly rate, as well as list of conditions required of the property management company.  The agreement should state, for example: “access to the pool equipment room will be limited to property manager, maintenance staff and swimming pool service company”.  “Pool gates will be maintained in good working condition and not disabled”.  Be very specific.  When challenged by the residents he can point to the service agreement that has been authorized by the property manager.  If the management refuses to sign the service agreement I’d drop the account.

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