The 12 Questions Every Pool Tech Should Ask Before Buying Insurance Through An Association

imagesCAVLUWN0Let’s face it, commercial general liability insurance is confusing.  But unlike automobile or homeowners insurance, which are all relatively similar, there are vast differenced between commercial general liability polices that could have dramatic financial consequences.  Most polices written for pool techs, for example, contain a “pollution exclusion”.  This means that a property damage or injury claim involving chlorine or acid will be denied, leaving he the pool tech with no coverage for legal defense or payment for damages.  You don’t want surprises like this after you are sued.  So here are the twelve questions every pool tech should ask before joining an insurance program from a pool and spa service association.  The coverage outlined below applies to IPSSA members currently enrolled in the group insurance program.

(1)  Is your insurance carrier “A” rated?
Why Important: Many property managers require an “A” rated insurance company. IPSSA’s carrier is “A” rated by the A.M. Best Company.

(2)  Am I covered if I damage spill pool chemicals and concrete is damaged?
Why Important: Most policies exclude this type of claim under the “pollution exclusion”.  IPSSA members are covered to $1,000,000 for on-jobsite pollution incidents.

(3)  Am I covered if a chemical feeder malfunctions and people in the spa are injured due to excessive chemicals?
Why Important: These claims are excluded by most insurance companies under the “pollution exclusion”.  IPSSA members are covered to $1,000,000.

(4)  Am I covered if I accidentally hurt myself at a customer’s pool, ie; a dog bite?
Why Important: Most insurance carriers do not cover this type of claim.
IPSSA members are covered to $5,000 for their own medical bills following an on-job accidental injury.

(5)  Am I covered for doing pool repairs?
Why Important: Some insurance companies don’t cover this type of work.  Repairs are a routine part of pool service and maintenance.  IPSSA members are covered for repairs.

(6)  Am I covered if I remodel a pool?
Why Important: Some insurance exclude remodeling. Make sure you know how they define a “remodel”.  IPSSA members can buy optional remodeling coverage for about $30 per month.

(7)  Does your group insurance program include life insurance coverage if I suffer something like a heart or stroke?
Why Important:  This is not usually covered by most group insurance plans.
IPSSA members under age 70 receive $50,000 life insurance coverage.

(8)  Do I “share” my limit of liability coverage with anyone else, ie; other chapter members or other techs insured under the program?
Why Important: Two other associations require members to share their limits of liability with others, thereby reducing the coverage available to any one member.  IPSSA members never share their limit of liability with anyone else.  

(9)  Am I covered if I damage an item that I work on, for example, is tile damage covered if I scratch it while I’m cleaning it?
Why Important:  Most insurance policies don’t cover this type of damage
IPSSA members are covered to $50,000 for damaging an item they work on due to faulty workmanship.

(10)  Is there a lower coverage limit if I overflow a pool?
Why Important:  Some policies limit overflow claims to $50,000. Some claims like this are very large., exceeding $400,000.  IPSSA members are covered for overflow claims to $1,000,000.

(11)  Am I covered if my chemicals spill on the street after a truck accident?
Why Important:  Most policies exclude all damage related to a car or truck accident.  IPSSA’s insurance covers Haz-Mat incidents even from truck accidents.

(12) Am I covered for plaster damage?

Why Important:  At least one other association policy requires that plaster damage first begins during their insurance policy period.  This can be a problem for the service tech since plaster often is not damaged in a single event.  If the damage occurs gradually, you may have no coverage when your customer says you ruined his plaster.

Anyone considering getting insurance with a swimming pool service association should get answers to these questions before joining.  Failing to do so could cause you some real grief when facing a claim or lawsuit.

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