3 Hours – 3 Possible Pool Service Insurance Claims

HandCutI chuckle when I hear a pool service tech at a trade show mention that he doesn’t need general liability insurance because (1) he’s been in the business a long time, (2) he knows his stuff and (3) has never had a claim.  I received the following calls this morning between 9:00am and 11:30am:

(1)  A child developed an ear infection, commonly known as “swimmer’s ear” and the parent thinks the pool tech is responsible;

(2)  A boy cut his hand while running it across concrete coping at a commercial pool.  The cut required two stiches and the parents want either the property manager or the pool tech to pay the doctor’s bill;

(3)  A pool tech was served with a lawsuit in connection with a job he referred to another contractor.

In each of these instances the pool tech (1) has been in the business a long time, (2) knows his stuff and (3) never had a prior claim.  Each is thankful, nevertheless, that he carries general liability insurance covering his swimming pool service business.


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