Answers to Pool Tech Questions Now a Regular Feature of This Blog

Every week I receive interesting questions from pool techs concerned about liability for injuries and/or damage at the pool site.  These questions and my recommendations have been a regular column in the IPSSAN newsletter for years, and will now also be included weekly in this Blog.  As usual, I welcome your comments.

This week’s question:

I have a customer whose pool I have been servicing for years. They are having a wedding reception at their house and have asked me to cover the swimming pool with a hard surface so they can use it as a dance floor.  I’m pretty handy and I am thinking of spanning the pool with long 2x4s and nailing sheets of plywood on top. Do you have any suggestions?

My Advice:   For a project as you describe you’d need plans, permits, structural and/or general engineering analysis, a contractor’s license and insurance other than that regularly provided to pool techs. My advice is to thank your customer for the trust and confidence they place in you but respectfully decline the job unless you are prepared to meet the administrative, legal and insurance requirements involved.


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