Do You Use and Carry a Carbon Monoxide Meter?

Carbon Monoxide 2Swimming pool heaters are commonly installed in equipment rooms at apartment houses, condominiums and hotels and code requirements provide that these indoor heaters be vented outside the room.  An obstructed vent could lead to a hazardous level of carbon monoxide that could put the lives of the building occupants at risk.  Pool techs are well aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide and it is foreseeable that the vent could be come blocked by a bird nest, debris or other obstruction.  Do you carry a CO meter and regularly check for the presence of carbon monoxide in equipment rooms?

I recently checked Amazon and found a variety of handheld carbon meters ranging from about $60 t0 $200.  These devices take a few seconds to check for the presence of CO and early detection of the presence of the clear odorless gas could prevent serious injury or even death to occupants of the building.  Is there any reason not to routinely check for the presence of CO gas at your indoor equipment rooms?




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