El Nino Predicted for 2010 – Trouble in Forclosureland

An increase in requests by banks to drain and leave pools empty is causing concern among pool techs in light of predictions that 2010 will be a wetter than normal year. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently announced El Nino, a climate phenomenon with a significant influence on global weather and ocean conditions, has returned and will remain through the winter of 2009-2010. The combination of greater than normal rainfall and and an empty pool shell increases the risk of an empty pool lifting from the ground.
We recommend that pool techs reject lender requests to drain and leave pools empty. The risk of damage to the pool shell far outweighs any cost saving the bank will realize by draining the pool and discontinuing pool service.


  1. Stan the Pool Man

    The problem the banks are going to have, at least here in San Diego, is they refuse to hire licence and insured pool service companies. So when these pool come out, they will no where to go. We have been turned down on every bid for repairs or service on bank owned properties, and in the two cases I found out who got the job, they were neither licenced or insured according to the state contractors board.

    San Diego

  2. Pools by Ben

    You should report them to the contractors board.
    You can also work with the contractors board to set up a sting. We did it here is Santa Clarita and they caught about 40 unlicensed contractors of all trades. The papers got wind of the sting and now many of the unlicensed guys are afraid to bid on work.

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