Homeowner Loses Case Against Pool Builder Over Diving Accident

In 2008 Randy Johnson filed suit against Mission Pools of Escondido after diving into his backyard swiming pool from the diving board. Johnson hit his head on the pool floor, suffering a fracture to vertebrae in his neck with resulting medical bills of $22,400. He contended that the construction standards used by Mission Pools were improper and unsafe and that Mission was therefore liable for his injuries.
Mission Pools contended that the pool was safe for proper diving and it was not responsible for the improper use of its pools. Mission argued that Johnson ignored warnings regarding proper diving technique and that there was no evidence that the standards were unsafe.
Prior to trial, Johnson demanded $425,000; Mission offered $30,000.
Trial began on December 1, 2009 and lasted 7 days, but the jury deliberated for only 3 hours before reaching its verdict that Mission Pools was not liable for Johnson’s injuries.

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