Would You Install a Used Heater?

A customer buys a used heater at a great price and he asks you to install it.  Would you do it?

Installation of used equipment adds another layer of liability upon the pool service tech.  In the event of a heater fire or injury, an issue will be raised as to whether the pool tech adequately inspected the heater and determine that it was safe to install.  This, of course, is not an issue when installing new equipment. 

How long will it take you to determine it is safe?  You will check for gas leaks, but will you also inspect the wiring to make sure rodents haven’t eaten the insulation?  What about spider webs in the orifice?  And how will you determine whether the heat exchanger has internal damage from improper water chemistry?

Can you adequately charge for the time involved and is it worth the risk involved?

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