Is This How To Fix Broken A PVC Union?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe photo on the left shows the condition of a union when my client was called to the pool.  The photo on the right shows the same union after my client “repaired” the problem.  The union failed about one year later causing extensive water damage to the customer’s home.  My client tells me that fixing a broken union with a hose clamp is just “standard operating procedure”.  I have some thoughts on the subject; what do you think?


  1. Bob Dundon

    I think he’s out of his skull. Yeah, looks to be a bit of a PITA to correctly repair the plumbing but if it’s outside your skill set bring in someone who CAN do it correctly. I’m guessing he must have anticipated problems since he actually had before and after repair photos (?)

    • Ray Arouesty

      I post things like this so others can avoid similar situations. Let’s all keep it positive and increase the professionalism of the industry!

  2. Linda

    It was definitely not the right solution for the problem. But I don’t like the idea of insulting fellow members. Most of us started out making very stupid mistakes

    • Ray Arouesty

      Point well taken, Linda. I post items like this so pool techs can learn from the mistakes of others. Thanks for the comments. -Ray

  3. Linda Eggers

    Some of us had to learn the hard way but these blogs and articles have been a great help. Keep up the great work Ray!

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