Pool Tech Scammed Buying Used Pool Service Truck

mileage inconsistencyOur client bought a used pool service truck in May 2012 thinking that it had 117,999 miles.  His insurance carrier sought to determine his annual mileage and he provided us with the current odometer reading and a Car Fax report showing the odometer mileage when he made the purchase.  To his surprise the Car Fax report showed that the odometer had been altered.  Look at the above photo.  On 5/12/2011 the truck had reported mileage of 171,866.  One year later the smog check station reported mileage of 117,000!  Clearly the odometer had been turned back.  In fact, our client says that the odometer digits don’t line up properly.  The lesson learned – do your homework!  A Car Fax report is a cheap investment before buying a used vehicle.


  1. Ben

    I have never bought a used truck for servicing pools. Every 5 years and at about 100,000 miles I sell my truck and buy a new one. If I can buy a new truck for $24,000 out the door, drive it for 5 years and sell it for $12,000 my cost for a truck is $12,000. The person who buys my old truck has paid the same amount but will miss many days of not servicing pools and pay many thousands in repairs. Yes the registration and insurance is more but the truck also will get better gas millage. If the over all cost for a new truck is less than a used truck why buy a used truck?

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