Pump Clamp Breaks – But Why?

Pump Clamp - BrokenThis photo shows a broken stainless steel clamp on a Sta-Rite Max-E Glas pump that resulted in major water damage to an equipment room.  I’ve been told that Sta-Rite has been using clamps like this for a long time, therefore it is possible that this clamp is quite old.  But look carefully at the photo.   Do you see any indication of why the part failed?


  1. Ray Arouesty

    Another pool tech commented on the wrench marks just behind the tightening knob, showing evidence of over-tightening, possibly necessary due to an old, flattened O-ring that no longer provided a proper seal.

  2. Bob Mook (Thespaguy)

    Over tightened band clamp. With a new oring, hand tight, there would be no leak. With an older pump, a service tech without experience, or a new oring, trying to make a quick fix, it was over tightened.

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