Routine service call leads to discovery of dangerous pool heater

gold starSometimes recognition is due.  John Huber, an IPSSA member and owner of Sparkling Pools in Brentwood, California went to a residence for what he thought was a routine pump repair today.  As he approached the equipment pad he saw a old wood shed housing the pool equipment.  Inside was a very old heater with no external vent stack.  It presented not only a fire hazard, but a serious risk carbon monoxide poisoning to any service tech working inside the shed, as well as to children playing inside the structure.  Kudos to John, who promptly shut the gas valve and disconnected the heater’s electrical connections, making he heater unusable.  John will explain the safety hazard to the pool owner, but in the meantime the risk of a serious tragedy has been removed.  Safe pools are good business and we congratulate John Huber for making this pool safer.

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