How do I sell an energy efficient pump without getting in trouble?

IntellifloA pool tech called today stating that his customer’s motor needed to be replaced.  The tech told the customer about the energy-saving advantages of a variable speed or variable flow pump and the customer asked the tech to put the figures in writing.  The tech is naturally concerned about misrepresenting the numbers and asked for advice.

Fortunately, a lot of information is available for customers and the best place to start is the manufacturer’s website.  Pentair, for example, has a detailed webpage explaining the benefits of their new energy efficient equipment, along with links for additional information at .  There are also many articles available, some of which can be found on the Arrow Insurance Service webpage under “Resources” –> “Education”.  These can be printed or emailed to a customer interested in calculating his own potential cost-savings.  Using the manufacturers marketing material and the articles on the Arrow Insurance Service website will provide the customer the information he wants while limiting any liability you may incur by giving wrong information.




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