Spa Users Risk Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon MonoxideA pool tech was recently called to a job to bid a residential swimming pool heater repair. When he arrived he noticed that the venturi pipe for the spa jets was installed very close to the heater creating a dangerous situation in which carbon monoxide fumes could mix with the air and travel to the spa. He called for my advice.  How would you handle this situation?

My Advice:

This is a very serious situation. Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless and in the situation described the spa users could inhale fumes resulting in serious harm including asphyxiation and/or drowning. I would disable the jet motor and tag the equipment to indicate the dangerous condition. Next I would contact the pool owner to explain the situation and follow up with a certified letter documenting the hazard and the risk involved to spa users. In some municipalities it may be possible to involve the gas company or in the case of a commercial pool, the health department. Kudos to this pool tech for recognizing the risk.  A pool tech’s primary job is to maintain pool safety and in many states he has a legal duty to act, even though called for an issue unrelated to the venturi pipe, jet pump or blower.

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