Tabs in the Skimmer?

I was in Costco yesterday and noticed 40 lb. containers of Clorox brand chlorinating tablets.  As I examined the container I noticed that the 3″ tabs contain 94.05% tri-chloro-s-triazinetrione and application is recommended via a floater or skimmer (see below).  Pool techs avoid placing tri-chlor tabs in the simmer because tri-chlor is very acidic (about 2.8) the low pH can deteriorate copper skimmers, copper plumbing and heat exchangers.  Replacing skimmers, copper plumbing and heaters isn’t cheap and this  is another reason why swimming pool service is best left to a swimming pool professional.

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  1. David Turnage

    It is also against the Texas Health Code which applies to commercial pools. Tablets in the skimmer could be accessible to children who could put these into their mouths causing serious injury.

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