Would You Take This Job?

A pool tech has been asked to clean and re-fill an empty fiberglass pool.  The pool has been empty for a few years and has three feet of dirt in the bottom.  The walls are slightly bulging and because of the accumulated dirt, it’s unknown whether the bottom is bulging too.  The house is being sold and the buyer won’t complete the sale until the pool is cleaned and filled.

My opinion:  This is a risky job.  The shell may be cracked or the pool tech may damage it as he worked in the empty pool to remove the dirt from the bottom.  In either case, he will likely be blamed for the damage to the shell since he is aware that is bulging and the risks involved.  The buyers could rescind their offer to buy the house based on the shell damage, exposing the pool tech to even further liability.  I would walk away from this job, fast.

Would you take this job?  The customer is willing to pay $500.


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  1. Bob Nichols

    I would recommend in writting that the shell be replaced and all plumbing be tested.
    You cannot destroy things and expect someone to come up with a magic trick to solve the situation.

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