What’s Going On In Pensylvania?

On August 21st, another Pennsylvania woman was seriously hurt, suffering thermal burns and respiratory damage when she inhaled fumes after mixing two different swimming pool chemicals that caused fireball and toxic plume. She was airlifted to Temple University’s burn unit and remained on a ventilator after mixing Leslie’s Power Powder Plus and Leslie’s Chlor Brite in a bucket with water. Power Powder Plus is is a Calcium Hypochlorite based sanitizer and Chlor Brite contains Sodium Dichloro-s-Triazinetrione. The local fire marshall stated that this is a common occurrence, happening at lest once a year in Middletown apparently because some homeowners don’t like the look of undissolved granules at the bottom of their pool. . The severity of this explosion was made worse by the fact that the homeowner mixed the chemicals with a very small amount of water. “You can’t mix pool chemicals together without having a violent explosion” he said.

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