Phone Lines Down – Frustration Level Up

frustrationYesterday was April 1, 2015, April Fools Day.  My April Fools joke started when the staff at Arrow Insurance Service realized that our 10 incoming telephone lines weren’t working.  Callers hear a ring tone but nothing happens at our office.  The calls never even go to voice mail.  The problem … Continue reading →

Pool Corp Class Action Info


Information and claim forms are now regarding settlement of the class action lawsuit involving Pool Corporation, Hayward Industries Inc., Zodiac Pool Systems Inc., and Pentair Water, Pools and Spas, Inc.

Plaintiffs alleged that the defendants conspired to violate certain state antitrust, unfair competition and consumer protection laws resulting in artificially … Continue reading →

Electric Hazard in Pool Requires Immediate Action

ElectroShockAt the annual meeting of the Independent Pool & Spa Service Association (IPSSA) last weekend a pool technician related how he identified electric current in a commercial swimming pool and traced the problem to a defective pool light.   He immediately disabled the circuit and instructed the property manager to contact … Continue reading →

Swimming Pool Service – No Drain Cover

Drain cover missingMy client received a request from a home warranty company asking him to replace a inoperable backwash valve.  When arriving at the residential pool he noticed drain covers were missing from both the pool and spa.  How should he react and what is his risk if he just replaces the … Continue reading →

Rains increase the likelihood of popped pools

muddy poolWe’ve had some much needed rain lately in Southern California.  Unfortunately, last year’s wildfires left hillsides barren with mudslides closing roads and creating significant damage to many homes.  The owner of one mud-damaged home called my insured today and asked him to drain and remove 3 feet of mud from … Continue reading →

Considering Pool Inspections – Revisited

Pool-InspectionsI recently spoke with a pool technician who was considering offering “free pool inspections” to real estate agents as a way to potentially get new pool service customers.  He told me that his plan was to do  “visual inspections” only, without testing for electrical or hydraulic issues.  He asked for … Continue reading →

Cracked Pool = Big Risk

My pool service technician client called concerned about taking on a new service account that has some problems. The plaster and tile are in very bad condition and the pool has many cracks. He is not sure if it is leaking. He is wondering whether he can  just have the … Continue reading →