Two Claims – One Common Defense

We received two new claims this week.  In the first instance a property manager is demanding $200,000 for the replacement of concrete decking due to splashing of “aggressive water”.  In the second instance a parent wants money to compensate for the rash she claims her children received while swimming in … Continue reading →

Should Pool Techs Sell Diving Boards?

diving board

I often warn pool & spa service technicians of the high risk involved in installing or replacing diving boards.  There are no small diving board related claims and the possibility of a major injury lawsuit doesn’t justify the relatively small profit involved in replacing boards.  But what about merely selling … Continue reading →

The 12 Questions Every Pool Tech Should Ask Before Buying Insurance Through An Association

imagesCAVLUWN0Let’s face it, commercial general liability insurance is confusing.  But unlike automobile or homeowners insurance, which are all relatively similar, there are vast differenced between commercial general liability polices that could have dramatic financial consequences.  Most polices written for pool techs, for example, contain a “pollution exclusion”.  This means that … Continue reading →

When the Customer Complains About Sanitizer

rashA pool tech services a pool where the tenant has a chlorine sensitivity. The tenant insists as little chlorine possible in the pool and the pool tech maintains a 0.5 PPM chlorine residual but the tenant is still complaining.  He has discussed alternate sanitizers and has explained that bromine would … Continue reading →