Would You Take This Job?

A pool tech has been asked to clean and re-fill an empty fiberglass pool.  The pool has been empty for a few years and has three feet of dirt in the bottom.  The walls are slightly bulging and because of the accumulated dirt, it’s unknown whether the bottom is bulging … Continue reading →

Would You Drain the Pool?

“I need to drain a commercial pool that has a  high cyanuric acid level. The property has two adjacent spas that the property manager wants to keep open while the pool is draining. I’m concerned that the empty pool could be a safety hazard since people will be using the … Continue reading →

Pool Tech Scammed Buying Used Pool Service Truck

mileage inconsistencyOur client bought a used pool service truck in May 2012 thinking that it had 117,999 miles.  His insurance carrier sought to determine his annual mileage and he provided us with the current odometer reading and a Car Fax report showing the odometer mileage when he made the purchase.  To … Continue reading →

Would You Install a Used Heater?

A customer buys a used heater at a great price and he asks you to install it.  Would you do it?

Installation of used equipment adds another layer of liability upon the pool service tech.  In the event of a heater fire or injury, an issue will be raised as … Continue reading →

Dying to go into the Spa

The following question was asked during Ray’s seminar “Avoiding Claims and Court” at the Western Pool & Spa Show

I was recently called to a job to bid a residential swimming pool heater repair. When I arrived I noticed that the venturi pipe for the spa jets was installed … Continue reading →

Just how much documentation is necessary?

A fiberglass filter tank ruptures with extensive water damage to a neighbor’s property.  The homeowner, filter manufacturer and pool tech are all defendants in the lawsuit filed by the neighbor.  The pool tech blames a bad filter tank for the damage, but the manufacture is pointing to the pool tech … Continue reading →