Disabling Swimming Pool Gate Creates Safety Risk

broken pool gateTenants at my client’s commercial account keep disabling the lock on the pool gate so that it remains constantly open. He has discussed this issue with the property management company many times but they refuse to replace the lock or take any other measures to secure the area. He does … Continue reading →

Spa Users Risk Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon MonoxideA pool tech was recently called to a job to bid a residential swimming pool heater repair. When he arrived he noticed that the venturi pipe for the spa jets was installed very close to the heater creating a dangerous situation in which carbon monoxide fumes could mix with the … Continue reading →

A Service Log – Your Best Defense

logThe most important part of a pool tech’s job is maintaining safe and clean water, free of the bacteria and protozoa that can cause illness.  Unfortunately, the pool service technician is often the first person blamed when a swimmer gets sick, despite the fact that various sources of contamination could … Continue reading →

Considering Pool Inspections?

Head ScratcherMy client was considering taking a job to inspect a large commercial pool and forwarded me the insurance requirements provided by the property manager.  Imagine his surprise when I told him that general liability policies don’t provide proper coverage for inspections and that he would need to purchase a separate … Continue reading →

Broken Gate – What do I do?

Pool gateIt’s the question I’m asked most often – The gate at my customer’s pool is broken and the customer refuses to fix it.  What do I do?

It is a difficult situation, especially when your customer is a property management company that provides you with a lot of work and … Continue reading →